Travel Festival a first for Mossel bay and the region

The Mossel Bay Travel Festival was organized to take place on the 18th to the 20th of October 2013.The idea of the Festival was copied from the New York Travel Festival. The Mossel Bay Travel Festival is now officially affiliated with the New York Travel Festival– and Mossel Bay has been given permission to adapt the logo for Mossel Bay’s own use.

The New York Travel Festival also promised Mossel Bay Travel Festival a direct line into their social media streams, and they were working to bring the organiser and originator of the New York Travel Festival to visit and blog about Mossel Bay and the Western Cape.

All travel and tourism businesses in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo region took part in this inaugural Mossel Bay Travel Festival. The Festival was a real-world and on-line celebration of travel, and raised the bar for travel marketing, and bringing it firmly into the digital age.

A number of hosted buyers – representing the larger travel agencies and tour operators in Cape Town – and some members of the media were in Mossel Bay for the weekend.

Social media played an important role in the Festival. All the presentations, lectures, and talks were live-streamed on Friday, and archived on YouTube for all to see, and they were tagging, tweeting, and FaceBooking. This ensured that the Festival was given a truly global reach.

This was a great initiative for the Garden Route & Klein Karoo that provided immense exposure to all markets, it also ensured that Garden Route and Klein Karoo remained the destination of choice, and allowed us to showcase various products we have on offer.

Eden District Municipality trading as Garden Route & Klein Karoo Tourism attended the Travel festival which took place in the Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex. Garden Route & Klein Karoo was allocated approximately 3m2 exhibition space. Along with the festival, many presentations were done by different people concerning many aspects of travel and tourism. Mr Roni Weiss, Founder and Co-organiser of the New York Travel Festival, gave a presentation on the History of the New York Travel Festival and Mossel Bay being affiliated as the newest member of the New York Travel Festival. Mr Roni Weiss also spoke about the dynamic power behind Social Media and its benefits for your business or product and organisation.

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