Mossel Bay. Do stuff

The big challenge for visitors to Mossel Bay is not what you should do while you’re here – but what to leave out.

The confluence of the weather (300 days of sunshine a year), the geography (mountains, coastal plain, beaches, ocean), the vegetation, and 162,000 years of culture have provided the people of Mossel Bay a brilliant canvas on which to create a bewildering array of attractions and activities.

You could begin at the museums: the Great Brak River Museum of local history, the ATKV Museum of the Great Trek, or the Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex, which houses the Post Office Tree, South Africa’s biggest collection of shells, and a full-size replica of the ship on which Dias became the first Portuguese explorer to round the Cape of Good Hope.

You could explore the arts and crafts of the town: participants in the local art route (artists, antique shops, theatres, etc.) are listed on – as are the resident artists at the Mossel Bay Craft Art Workshop (visit it: it’s next door to the Tourism Information Office).

And if it’s the great South African outdoors that attracts you – that’s where Mossel Bay really comes into its own.

The waters that brush Mossel Bay’s shores form a unique corner of the Indian Ocean, which provides great scuba diving, shark cage diving, whale- and dolphin watching, sailing, and more – and local operators offer superb experiences of the sea. (Also: the town boasts more than 60 km of sandy beaches – and four seasonal Blue Flag Beaches, too.) Local game reserves offer safari game watching, elephant back rides, birding, children’s programmes, and more. For sportspeople, the golf courses are famous – and Mossel Bay’s mountain biking is catching up to it. Fast.

And that’s just a some of it. In fact, Mossel Bay has far too many activities to list in so short an article. To get the full picture, please download Mossel Bay Tourism’s 28-page ‘Things to do’ brochure from – or collect a copy from the Info Office (corner Church and Market Streets).

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