Message in bottle discovered on Garden Route beach

Cape Town – It’s a fantasy many adventurous young souls have – to send a message in a bottle out into the world and see what returns.

Well, when 13-year-old Angela Harris filled a glass bottle with a few personal items as well as a letter telling the recipient how to get hold of her and buried it on Dana Bay beach just outside Mossel Bay, she probably hoped for a much speedier return.

However, Netwerk24 reports, that finally – 14 years down the line – the 27-year-old from Meyersdal has been notified of its receipt after a beachcomber using a metal detector came across it over the weekend.

In the letter she describes herself, shares her address and telephone number and encourages whoever finds it to contact her. Along with this she put her favourite necklace, a ring belonging to her little sister, the wrapper of her favourite chocolate as well as a sachet of the shampoo she used at the time.

Harris told the online news source that she had been at her mother’s house in Mossel Bay in December 2001 and loved spending time on the beach. She said that she remembered wanting to make new friends and maybe even find a bit of romance and spontaneously decided to go the message-in-a-bottle route.

Harris had in the meantime completely forgotten about the bottle.

The man who made the discovery unpacked the little treasure and managed to make contact with Harris via Facebook.

Another message in a bottle

Two years ago, a father and son came across a message in a bottle while strolling along Pringle Bay beach.

It had been written by a submarine captain Commodore Darren White two years and two months before and thrown overboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, News24 reported in January 2013.

White had told the Cape Times that he had been doing exercises with South American navies and decided to write a message in a bottle on their way back home.

The bottle was picked up 1 600 nautical miles from where it had been dropped, but amazingly enough on White’s native South African ground.

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