IIPT Member Glendyyr Fick Launches Green Chefs Initiative

Ms. Glendyrr Fick, General Manager of Knysna Tourism and IIPT member has successfully launched her “Green Chefs Initiative” with the Knysna Tourism Living Local Green Chefs event this past month in Knysna, South Africa – heart of the Garden Route.

Charmaine Sinclair was the top chef of this year’s inaugural event with her menu of mutton curry with sambals, poppadoms and rice, and a sweet treat of an apple tartlet served with custard and vanilla slice. Charmaine took home a cash prize of R1 000 for her efforts, while each finalist received R 500. All five of the finalists will also participate in a formal cooking training program with Kilzer’s Kitchen Basics during August.

“Winning this competition has given me such encouragement and the confidence to believe that cooking is not only my passion, but that I am good at it too!” Charmaine exclaimed. “Now I feel that I can confidently take part in even bigger competitions. So thank you, Knysna Tourism – and Glendyrr in particular – for giving me this opportunity to learn even more.”

Glendyrr explained that this competition formed part of a bigger project. “The aim of the Knysna Tourism Living Local Green Chefs Initiative is to empower residents of local rural communities within and around the national parks in the Greater Garden Route National Park,” she said. “This will be done by teaching them excellent cooking skills, good business practice and vegetable gardening, accompanied by a sound mentorship program. This project will eventually be implementable at all national parks in South Africa – or even further afield on the continent and across the globe.”

“We are also working on establishing a unique supply chain route, the Eden Slow Food Route, which we hope to support the Green Chefs in sourcing local produce. The emphasis will be on locally produced, wholesome food, produced by locals with great care and integrity,” Glendyrr continued. “These organic producers will also supply to other establishments in the local tourism industry.”

To learn more about the Green Chefs initiative or the Eden Slow Food Route, please contact Glendyrr Fick at 044 382 5510 or development@knysna-info.co.za

Chefs at work in the kitchen and Green Chef winner, Charmaine Sinclair and Glendyrr Fick.

Chefs at work in the kitchen and Green Chef winner, Charmaine Sinclair and Glendyrr Fick.

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