Cutting edge training in Hospitality offered to Eden residents

Francois Ferreira Academy, in association with the Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) and Absa Bank, commenced with the 3 month Cater Care training programme on 9 September 2014. The aim of the programme is to equip participants with the required skills for the hospitality field and to assist them with finding employment.

The training repertoire is not only limited to cooking, but also includes life skills, such as money management, customer care and entrepreneurship. “When the Cater Care training programme was developed, I shaped the content of the programme in a way that ensures that every student has more than just cooking skills, but also entrepreneurial-,social-and leadership skills,” said Chef Francois Ferreira, Principal of the Francois Ferreira Academy.

The programme is in its fifth year and most of the students are offered jobs because of the reputation and quality tuition of the training academy. Francois Ferreira Academy furthermore committed themselves to assist students with a R25 travelling stipend per day, to help them reach the workplace.

Francois Ferreira Academy

Participants of the Cater Care training programme enjoy a cup of coffee moments before the commencement of class. Front FLTR: Chef Elizabeth Theron, Mr Yonela Khweleta, Mr Yongama Chulayo, Mr Clayton Pillay, Ms Cheri-Lynn Speelman. Back FLTR: Mr Xolisa Kuse, Ms Lea-Marie Henning, Mr Piet Kutu (absent, Lungisa Mayipheli).