Cheri-Lynn’s dreams become a reality

During August 2014, at the Francois Ferreira Academy’s Open Day, Cheri-Lynn Speelman decided to book an appointment with the Principal, Francois Ferreira. Cheri-Lynn’s passion was clear to the Academy during the first minute of the interview. “All I want to do is cook and I want to start as soon as possible”, these words spoken with confidence by Cheri-Lynn, changed her life forever.

Fortunately for Cheri-Lynn, the ABSA Cater Care Course in association with Eden District Municipality was starting in September of that year.

She arrived the first day with her co-learners and it was clear that she was a lady on a mission. Cheri-Lynn’s desire to justly own a Chef’s jacket and work in the kitchen would soon become a reality.

When it came to the decision of placing her for her experiential learning, she wanted to work at a restaurant where she could learn a lot. Soon an interview was arranged by Chef Jacques Buys of Flava Cafe in Wilderness, he committed immediately and she blossomed into a very good cook.

Cheri-Lynn successfully completed the ABSA Cater Care course at the top of her class. Francois Ferreira Academy offered her an internship while she is furthering her skill set by studying the City&Guilds Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking.

Before she settles down as the owner of a guesthouse, she wants to travel and learn more about international cuisines.

This success story is evidence that determination, a positive attitude and setting goals to achieve success will make anyone’s dreams a reality.


Cheri-Lynn found the time to break away for a photo at the Francois Ferreira Academy’s kitchen where she is advancing her career.