A trainspotter’s paradise! All aboard the vintage train carriages turned into a seaside hotel on South Africa’s Garden Route

  • The hostel – dubbed The Train by backpackers – is made entirely out of old locomotive carriages
  • Quirky train houses a ‘cosy’ bar and restaurant and offers spectacular sea views
  • Prices start from just 120 rand – £6 – for a room-only stay

Your travel plans will be right on track with a stay at this South African hotel.The last stop at a the idyllic beach resort of Mossel Bay, between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, is the spectacular Santos Express, made entirely out of old locomotive carriages.Simply dubbed ‘The Train’ by backpackers, the hostel is actually a series of bright blue carriages parked overlooking the spectacular bay.The unique hotel, which stands in view of the Outeniqua mountains, offers weary travellers braai`s -South African barbeques – as well as bunks and spectacular sea views.For those set on the finer things in life there are suites in two vintage coaches from the 1920s, called the ‘Royal Ladies’.There isn’t room for tea trolleys and sandwiches wheeled to peckish passengers room, but the quirky train also houses a ‘cosy’ bar and restaurant.Prices start from just R120 for a room-only stay and lovers can splash out R980 for a honeymoon caboose with bedding and a light breakfast.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2674838/Vintage-train-carriages-turned-seaside-hotel-South-Africas-spectacular-Garden-Route.html#ixzz36DjRPojR
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